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Wise to Smart Learning


Education specialists in St.Albans, Harpenden, Three Rivers, Rickmansworth and Watford.   


Our aim is to provide high quality one-to-one home tuition services throughout every stage of learning helping students to overcome academic challenges and encourage  them to become confident, independent learners. We work with families on their journey to raise happy, resilient and successful young adults.

tailored tutoring

We know first-hand that access to tailored, one-to-one teaching can play a significant role in helping students achieve their best possible outcomes. We pride ourselves in finding the right tutor for each student based on specific academic goals, areas of concern, personality and learning style.

Through our rigorous interview process, we find professional tutors with the right qualifications and experience, as well as a passion for both their subject and for helping our students achieve their best outcomes.



At TutorWise, we believe that our students should feel comfortable, cared for and positively challenged. Our tutors will connect with and positively engage their students to ensure that they flourish academically, socially and emotionally.  


It is also important that our team of tutors are collaborative - working closely with parents to keep them informed about their child’s progress and offering additional support as required.



In 2020, we began delivering online tutoring sessions, partly in response to the Covid-19 crisis and school closures. Following the Government Guidelines, we recommend that tuition takes place online wherever possible. This alternative tutoring model has been well received by our current students and parents, as our tutors have been able to continue to deliver tailored and personalised sessions with the same engaged and caring manner you would expect from our face-to-face tuition. 


Many of our tutors have been using Bramble, an online tutoring platform, which automatically records all sessions for reference and safeguarding purposes, has interactive features such as a whiteboard and allows pupils to continue to receive excellent one-to-one teaching, support and feedback.




St Albans

Our daughter worked hard with her tutor, Hannah. She enjoyed her tutoring and had fun. She also got offers from all of the 3 schools with high entrance exam requirements that she entered, so that’s a bonus.


Mostly though, why I’d recommend TutorWise in general and Hannah in particular, is because we’ve seen our daughter much more interested in learning since her tutoring.

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Thank you for making finding a private tutor such an easy experience. In the past I have found finding a tutor a bit of a lottery and had problems with tutors being unreliable and not turning up at short notice - especially for the essential sessions prior to exams! Using TutorWise puts this on a business-like level and I felt much happier knowing that if there was a problem it would be sorted. After the initial consultation I knew that TutorWise understood what we needed and could match my daughter to the best tutor for her.




Our son has made so much progress in both science and maths.  We are absolutely delighted with this and feel it is a result of the excellent tutoring he has received since September.  I wanted to let you know that we really value Hannah and all her excellent teaching, guidance and hard work she puts into every tutoring session with our son.  Thanks so much for listening to our needs when we first contacted TutorWise and delivering an outstanding tutor for our family.

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01727 881800


TutorWise Ltd, 2 Adelaide Street, St Albans AL3 5BH

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