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Here at TutorWise we are a family run tutoring company based in the heart of St. Albans, covering Harpenden, Three Rivers, Watford and Rickmansworth. Founded in 2014, we are a young company and already have so many success stories.


When I think back to my own education journey, I was by no means an A* pupil at school. My mind would wander, I was easily distracted and I would quite often dream about what my future holds, but never really knew how to reach my full potential. My part-time jobs growing up were based around working with children, from giving one-to-one special needs support to planning and delivering activities to groups of children. I think this is when I realised that I wanted to train to become a teacher.


It did take a while for me to find my groove at secondary school and, on reflection, I now know how much better my outcomes were in subjects that were led by teachers that were both competent in their subject and showed real passion and enthusiasm. Teachers who delivered lessons in a way that actively engaged me and, ultimately, guided me in the right direction.

I have now worked in education for 20 years. I am trained in secondary education but have enjoyed a number of roles within the profession from classroom teacher, to supporting primary schools and their pupils in the transition to secondary school as well as working for the education authority in Australia. In my current school, I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team where I am held accountable for various wholeschool responsibilities, which includes working with teachers to ensure we gain the best outcomes for our pupils. Together with my husband Gareth, who works on the operations side of the company, we are passionate about using our skill set to find high quality tutors that will develop the learning of young minds.

One-On-One Tutoring



The personalised nature of the service we offer means that we can use our wealth of experience to match students and tutors. Finding the right fit is crucial - most student/tutor relationships will consist of an hour or two each week so a tutor must engage and inspire quickly to achieve the best outcomes. We have seen pupils struggle with a subject, and then seen them flourish and their confidence grow as they are engaged in a way that suits their preferred learning style. 


If you are considering additional support for your child, we would be happy to discuss the situation and determine with you whether a TutorWise tutor would be the right choice. Please call us or fill out our enquiry form and one of our team will be in contact to discuss. 

We look forward to hearing from you, 


Colette & Gareth


Modern Learning



We have been very impressed with how well TutorWise matched the tutor to our son's needs. Hannah (the Tutor) has managed to engage him through making the lessons fun and interactive and the extra help has really started to pay off at school.

Online Teacher


Abbots Langley

We have been very happy with the tuition that Paul has been able to provide as it has certainly helped to fill some of the (quite large!) gaps in Eleanor's Science knowledge and she feels as though she is now well prepared for her GCSE exams – but will be pleased once they are all over!!




Our daughter found Richard very helpful and he gave her the confidence she was lacking to go into her English (GCSE) exams better prepared. He was a pleasure to have and always seemed positive and enthusiastic – a really nice guy.

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