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It is important to us that our team of tutors work collaboratively with parents, giving an ongoing review about their child’s progress and offering additional support as required to ensure successful outcomes are achieved. 

If you would like more information about our service, please complete the form below and one of the TutorWise team will be in contact shortly:

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Thank you for submitting an enquiry form! We will be in touch very soon.

From a weekly book club to preparation for the 11 plus examinations all the way through to A Level, we have the perfect tutor for you. We are confident that through their own passion for the subject, our tutors will instill a love for learning in all our students resulting in them having an increase in self-confidence and taking those all important examinations in their stride. 

Our tutors will deliver sessions that will help to develop students' passions and strengths, guide them to develop a love for learning and help them foster curiosity, creativity and confidence. Whatever the end goal may be, our tutors will challenge each of their students, whilst helping them to maintain focus.

All tutors have an in-date, Enhanced DBS Certificate

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Modern Learning


King Langley

Fantastic service. I felt supported the whole way through the process of getting my daughter the help that she needs. Tutoring was excellent and good value. Would definitely recommend

Online Teacher



The service I received from the first time I contacted TutorWise to when my son took his exams was so professional, friendly and very reassuring. You made my son (who was not keen to have a tutor!) feel really comfortable and the progress he made with the tutor was amazing...he looked forward to his sessions, was so much more focussed on his work and achieved fantastic results in his exams. Thank you so much for all your help and continued support.




We weren't sure how to find the right GCSE maths tutor, but Colette was so friendly and approachable that we were confident that tutorwise was going to work for us. We have started with a tutorwise tutor and our son is really enjoying the sessions.

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