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If you decide to refer a friend to TutorWise, we would love to give you a little thank you in return. As with all offers like this, there are a few conditions:


Existing and past TutorWise clients can refer multiple friends – there’s no limit. However, please bear in mind the following: 

  • Referred friends must be unknown to TutorWise.  They can’t have made an enquiry with TutorWise or previously received any services from TutorWise.

  • Referred friends must confirm to TutorWise whom they have been referred by so we can reward accordingly

  • Referred friends must sign up to, pay and complete 12 hours of tuition with TutorWise for the referral to be applicable and the reward to be given.

Let’s talk rewards

When referring friends, TutorWise clients will have a choice of either of the following rewards:

  • 10% discount on their next purchase of 12 tutoring hours,


  • A £40 Amazon voucher (please note that there is no cash alternative)


The reward will be given on completion of the referred friends 12th hour of tuition, but on occasion can be awarded prior to this at the sole discretion of TutorWise.



TutorWise client – Individual/household who have signed up to, paid for and received services from TutorWise

Referred friend – Individual/household who is introduced to TutorWise by a TutorWise client.

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