What we do

TutorWise provides One to One tutoring for students in their own home.  We tutor all ages across all subjects and our service is flexible to ensure tutoring sessions fit into your busy family life.

What-We-DoTo help our students learn and develop we have a number of key principles which our tutors follow in respect to how each session is run. The tutoring is specifically tailored towards the individual needs of the student, which are discussed in detail at the initial free consultation. Because tutoring sessions are One to One this helps remove the fear of asking “silly” questions and allows the student to be completely open and honest, which enables our tutors to focus on the student’s specific development areas.

Our tutors follow the student’s existing curriculum and, where relevant, fill in any missing building blocks of knowledge or understanding which might be hindering their progress. Additionally our tutors provide academic stretch where this is required.

Through our research, experience and results of our past students, we know One to One tutoring works. It’s as simple as that.  It works by having an expert tutor tailor each tutoring sessions to the student and teach them in a comfortable environment. Our tutors help them with the content and exam technique to help build confidence and expand their grades and capability beyond their current level.

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