Secondary School Tutors (KS3)

Secondary school is well and truly the start of a student’s journey through the maze of subjects and modules that leads on to GCSE’s and A-levels.  No longer will the student be taught in the same classroom by the same teacher for all their subjects!

34121609The first year at secondary school, year 7, is a time of big change. Often moving to a new school, making new friends, and dealing with a new timetable can be a challenging ‘settling in time’ and some students can feel that they are moving backwards academically as they struggle to cope with the new environment and way of learning.   A tutor at this point can help the student through this challenging time and also help lay solid foundations for subjects being learnt for the first time, such as modern languages.

Year 8 and 9 are an important stage of a child’s education in establishing their grasp of fundamental concepts before the formal examination process begins in year 10. This is a key time to ensure any issues with subjects are addressed head on, to confirm key concepts are fully understood, and to create a solid foundation to build subsequent learning on.

In Year 9, the students will also start thinking about which subjects to choose for their GCSE’s, which they will study in greater depth over a 2 year period. As the learning and level of subjects becomes increasingly complex, many parents find it difficult to assist with homework and look to us to introduce a dedicated and knowledgeable tutor who can work with their child at a time when, experience suggests, they don’t respond as well to Mum and Dad’s help as they once did….

At TutorWise we take the time to understand each student’s academic goals and aspirations, which ensures we match each student to the best possible tutor for them. We base our matching on personality and learning style, so we are confident that every student will find their tutoring experience engaging, enjoyable and focused on helping them reach their unique academic goals.

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