Primary School Tutors (KS1&2)

From an early age, your child will be absorbing all that is taught at school at an impressive rate as their brain develops. Often children can be overwhelmed by the experience or can suffer set-backs through illness, change in environment or teacher or have learning difficulties (a topic close to our hearts at TutorWise).

It is incredibly important that early on in a child’s academic development, all concepts and building blocks are understood and are in place to create sound foundations for future learning.  We know if you try to build on incomplete foundations, areas of learning in later years will fall through the gaps impacting both confidence and grades. So here at TutorWise we work with the students to give them the support needed to ensure those foundations are in place.

PrimaryAdditionally, there are certain pupils that stand out as top performers from an early age. To help them continue their development, it is imperative that they continue to be stimulated. As such our tutors work with these children to provide academic stretch and challenge alongside their existing school work. We are often approached for primary tuition during the school holidays. Students who are prepared to work for a few hours a week in the holidays tend to return for the new school term ahead of the rest and with greater confidence.

At TutorWise we take the time to understand each student’s academic goals and aspirations, which ensures we match each student to the best possible tutor for them. We base our matching on personality and learning style, so we are confident that every student will find their tutoring experience engaging, enjoyable and focused on helping them reach their unique academic goals.

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