Home Schooling

Once the decision has been taken to Home School a child, and a high-level framework of educational requirements has been put in place, TutorWise can get involved to help you achieve your home schooling goals.

Here at TutorWise we work with the student’s parents/guardians to understand the educational challenges being faced, identify which subjects require attention and then engage with our experienced tutors to find the best available support for the child.

Our tutors will work with the student and parents to develop and build upon the high level framework, to create a more detailed programme of study and to help plan out the work which needs to be undertaken each week.

Our tutors will normally teach alongside the National Curriculum so whether the plan is to be Home Schooled through to 18 (taking formal exams as appropriate) or re-integrate back into a school setting, the student will be well placed to achieve their goal.

One of the advantages of Home Schooling is that a child’s education can be adapted to their own interests and requirements. Our tutors can be fully adaptable with the content and sessions delivered to each child.

We offer support for Home Schooled students in the following areas:

  • One to one support
  • Personal interaction & Social skills
  • Identify and address any knowledge gaps
  • Improve fundamental understanding of the subject/s
  • Study skills
  • Develop Revision & Exam technique

All of this helps to improve each student’s confidence and grades.

Our tutors are available during the school day, which helps ensure the student experiences an educational and free time balance similar to that of a non-home schooled student.

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