GCSE Tutors

The change in format for GCSE examinations means exams are now all taken at the end of year 11, rather than being spread over two years tackling one module at a time. This means no second chances. It is therefore critical that students understand what is being taught at the time of teaching, as come revision time, there won’t be the time to (re-)learn what they didn’t understand the first time round.

gcseBy following the building block approach, we can revisit those important foundations from year 8 or 9 that a student may not have fully grasped but which are vital in helping them sit their GCSE’s. We can also work with the student to identify any areas of difficulty and address those head on and at the right time during their course so they don’t fall behind. In addition, for students excelling, we can provide the level of stretch that may not be available in class, that will help move them towards achieving a top grade.

Whilst content is king, many people fail to appreciate the importance of mastering exam technique. The beauty of One to One tutoring is that there is plenty opportunity to develop the strategies that will work best for the student during the exam. It is imperative that students leave sufficient time to answer each question accurately, and to check back over their answers to identify and eliminate any silly mistakes – simple things that can improve their final grade. Our tutors often work with students to develop these techniques.

Alongside deepening knowledge and improving exam technique, our tutors can help students with revising and their revision techniques. GCSE students must have good levels of personal organisation in order to prepare for the wide variety of exams they need to sit in a short space of time. This can often feel overwhelming to students, and understanding how to break down what they need to do into manageable chunks is an invaluable skill and one that will help keep them focused.

At TutorWise we take the time to understand each student’s academic goals and aspirations, which ensures we match each student to the best possible tutor for them. We base our matching on personality and learning style, so we are confident that every student will find their tutoring experience engaging, enjoyable and focused on helping them reach their unique academic goals.

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