A Level Tutors

A Level students regularly have a rude awakening as they enter the sixth form.  Not since entering secondary school will they have undergone such a change in the way they are educated. Whether it be a dedicated college or still at the school they’ve been at for the last 5 years, A Levels are a different way of studying and there is a steep learning curve ahead of them.

alevelThings have changed recently with the structure of A Level examinations and the January sittings are now a thing of the past. The reality is that there is no “settling in period” anymore, with a greater proportion of available marks now being awarded during the first year of study.  Many of us parents reflect back on our own lower 6th studies and can appreciate that things are very different now. The hard work must start from day one and it’s not unusual for tutoring to start at the very beginning of 6th Form life to help steer and support students.

There’s a significant leap in difficulty from GCSE’s, but students must also adapt to a new approach to learning.  As well as being expected to put in more time to understand fewer subjects in greater detail, students must develop the disciplines of working alone, creating structure and setting their own learning goals.  TutorWise tutors can help in this process by drawing on their experience to help the student structure their learning in a way which they are most receptive to.

As the pace of learning is rapid and further emphasis is placed on out-of-class work, teachers cannot always re-cover areas which a student may not comprehend, given the level of content they have to teach and the limited time they have to teach it.  Our A Level tutors can go back over these areas as often as a student requires in order to fully grasp the point and can help a student develop their understanding by delivering information in an alternative style – one that works best for the student.

As with GCSE’s, exam technique is a key factor in 6th Form success and in particular for students studying subjects which are new to them in years 12 and 13 (such as Psychology, Sociology, Economics). These subjects require a more mature outlook and in some cases the ability to comment on their impact on the world outside, especially for students looking to achieve the highest grades.  The role of our A Level tutors in these instances is to help the student explore the subject in greater breadth and detail so they can gain those extra few marks required to achieve the most converted grades.

At TutorWise we understand that finding the right tutor can be difficult, time consuming and at times stressful, but it really shouldn’t have to be that way.

There are three main reasons why families choose us:

  • Custom Matching – we find you the right tutor.  Based 
on the students learning style, goals and personality we find the most appropriate match from our pool of screened and profiled tutors.
  • Convenience – our tutors go to the student.  The tutor comes to the student, all tutoring is done in their home at a time that suits them.
  • Great Customer Service – we keep parents updated.  We believe the secret to a great relationship is great communication, so we work with parents and students to keep everyone advised as to the progress being made.

At TutorWise we take the time to understand each student’s academic goals and aspirations, which ensures we match each student to the best possible tutor for them. We base our matching on personality and learning style, so we are confident that every student will find their tutoring experience engaging, enjoyable and focused on helping them reach their unique academic goals.

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