11 Plus & Entrance Exam Tutoring

In Hertfordshire, we are fortunate to have some excellent selective schools with much sought after places.  Students need to go through a formal assessment to gain entrance to these schools and whilst we don’t suggest “over-coaching”, working with students to prepare them for an entrance exam can significantly improve their confidence, something that can play a major role in achieving a successful outcome.  The formal assessment takes the form of questions covering Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning. 

Students in the private school system may benefit from sessions in the classroom that will help get them ready for these entrance exams, but this is unlikely to happen for students within the state system. We see one to one home tutoring as a great way to give all children the opportunity to do their best in these important exams and we have experienced tutors who can help your child through this process, which involves:

  • Identifying and address any knowledge gaps
  • Improve fundamental understanding of what the exams entails
  • Develop Revision & Exam Technique
  • Practice past papers

At TutorWise we take the time to understand each student’s academic goals and aspirations, which ensures we match each student to the best possible tutor for them. We base our matching on personality and learning style, so we are confident that every student will find their tutoring experience engaging, enjoyable and focused on helping them reach their academic goals.

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